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As the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's net worth continues, many are looking toward Victoria's Secret and its CEO Les Wexner.

A new lawsuit in the news agaisnt Ghislaine Maxwell is cluing the public into Jeffrey Epstein's constant need for sex. How did this affect Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein's secret girlfriend has shown her face for the first time since Epstein died last year. What has she and the rest of Epstein's family done?

Will Jeffrey Epstein's guards see jail time for his death? Discover how neglecting Epstein while he was in prison may have led to his death.

Jeffrey Epstein's estate has so many lawsuits against it, his net worth could be gone. Have his lawyers found a way to preserve his estate? Find out.

Even in death, Jeffrey Epstein is still ruining his victims' lives as his estate tries to stop a Jane Doe from suing them.