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After the Capitol was stormed by protestors, onlookers are wondering whether a new Civil War will begin in the USA. Take a closer look here.

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh. Celebrate the ridiculousness of Donald Trump's presidency with these memes - just two weeks from Inauguration Day!

Find out everything you need to know about Georgia's Senate election and why the results are crucial for the rest of the country.

The Joe Biden rally in Georgia will be a deciding factor in the hotly contested runoff that will decide control of the U.S. Senate. Will democracy win?

Senator Kamala Harris has officially gotten her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. What other politicians have gotten the jab?

News hit Monday that President-elect Joe Biden received the COVID-19 vaccine on live television along with many other politicians. Find out if Donald Trump will also be following

Entérate de todo acerca de la reunión del Colegio Electoral para decidir si Joe Biden en verdad será presidente de los EE.UU.

Since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the presumed President and Vice President elect, astrologers are trying to predict the future under their presidency.

Do you want to know more about Biden's VP Kamala Harris? Learn how she went from senator to projected VP.