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Our collection of kidnapping stories will make you never want to leave your house again. Read all of the craziest true crime stories here.

The case of Junko Furuta is one of the most tragic and horrifying stories of abduction and torture out there. Here's what we can learn from it.

Kidnapping isn’t just a movie concept, but something which really does happen. Here are movies about real-life kidnappings.

Investigators think the missing girl Madeleine McCann may be found soon. As the search heats back up, here are the questions still being asked.

There was nothing unusual about 20-year-old Colleen Stan catching rides with strangers. Here's the haunting tale of Colleen's kidnapping.

It's hard to imagine what would bring Ariel Castro to kidnap three Cleveland girls. But for a decade, the man kept these girls hidden from the world.

Magen Fieramusca was jealous of her best friend's new baby. So she decided to just take the newborn all for herself, to cover up her own fake pregnancy.

Blanche Monnier fell in love with a man her mother disapproved of. What she didn't know was the price she would have to pay for true love.