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There are more restrictions on what UK citizens & residents are allowed to do and where they’re allowed to go. Here's what the lockdown means for you.

Will the third time be the charm for the United Kingdom? Laugh away the stress with these hilarious lockdown UK memes.

Are you stuck on lockdown in the UK? Here's our breakdown of Boris Johnson's new lockdown rules and how they'll affect you.

The concept of mandatory quarantine has gone to court multiple times this year. Here are the different cases and what happened.

The latest news is that there's a new COVID strain. What about the vaccine? Will we still be hunkered in our homes in 2025 due to COVID-24?

The UK has been having trouble with COVID-19 lately and some are worried that the November lockdown was merely a precursory to something more intense.

Just when things started to look up with a long-awaited vaccine, a new COVID variant leapt into action. Will the UK ever escape lockdown?

As Christmas is around the corner, many in the UK are still under lockdown due to COVID-19. Here's a guide to lockdown restrictions in the UK.

Lockdown in the UK went into effect for the holiday season due to a mutated strain of COVID-19. How does this affect the rest of the world?