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Ghislaine Maxwell’s secret hubby was revealed to be Scott Borgerson. Here's what he's said about Maxwell and the ongoing case.

Alleged sex-trafficker and Jeffrey Epstein companion Ghislaine Maxwell has requested a closed-door bail hearing. Is there a chance she'll get out in 2020?

Clare Bronfman was sentenced to over six years in jail for her role in NXIVM. Discover where she'll serve her time.

Jeffrey Epstein's ex-staffer claims Ghislaine Maxwell actually hated Epstein. Here's the latest development in the story.

Will Ghislaine Maxwell die in 2020? Is Maxwell already dead? Delve into the outlandish conspiracy theories from after her arrest.

Ghislaine Maxwell, former British socialite, and current prison inmate, has a lot of accusations and questions. Where exactly is she?

Is Ghislaine Maxwell getting special treatment while awaiting trial in prison? Learn who's saying she is and why her lawyers say she's not.

Ghislaine Maxwell is still complaining about her time awaiting trial in the Metropolitan Detention Center. Here's why.

No New York inmates have been able to meet with their legal counsel since the pandemic began, however Ghislaine Maxwell just met two of hers.