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'Sanditon' fans were delighted to hear about Netflix’s latest series called 'Bridgerton'. What happened to 'Sanditon''s season 2?

2020 has not been a good year, but especially for fans of many popular Netflix shows. Check out the full list of cancelled shows on Netflix.

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As production continues on Netflix's 'Money Heist', fans are worried for the ending of the show. Here's what creator Alex Pena says about the show.

Spanish series 'La Casa de Papel', better known as 'Money Heist' is coming back to Netflix with season 5. What will happen to Lisbon?

'Money Heist' is easily one of the biggest shows on Netflix worldwide, so it's no surprise others are trying to copy the show's fomula. But fans aren't happy.

Berlin is an iconic character on Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’. Find out what fans think about the thief in the tribute video ‘Berlin Forever’.