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¿Los astros nos han estado mintiendo? Descubre cómo Ofiuco afecta tu horóscopo y modifica al resto del zodiaco.

People always joke about moving to Mars, but what if it wasn’t too much of a stretch? Scientists are weighing in and here's the latest space news.

Don't forget to look up at the sky later this month, Jupiter and Saturn might be forming a "real" Christmas Star this year.

NASA's Rover is one step closer to discover life on Mars. Could finding water soon mean finding aliens?

Florida man captured a mysterious shape in the sky the size of the moon. Is this a promising UFO sighting?

Scientists claim that aliens are technically real. If so, why haven’t we been able to contact them?

Calling all alien hunters! NASA is spreading news that they're taking in alien hunter recruits. Here’s how you can bring your brilliance to NASA.

Want to see the next NASA rocket launch? It turns out most of the U.S. east coast may have the opportunity tonight.

Several conspiracy theorists have made previous claims that aliens live on the Moon. Could this crazy conspiracy actually be real?