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Netflix has been killing the TV game. Here's rundown of the best original shows on the platform.

There are lots of good TV shows on the air. Here are some of the most underrated shows, from 'Search Party' to 'iZombie'.

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Is Jane Fonda immortal? The icon is not letting age slow down her career or her political activism.

Financial analysts are predicting Netflix is looking to increase its prices before the end of 2020. But is it the fault of 'Money Heist'?

The day after 'Cuties' debuted, #CancelNetflix and #BoycottNetflix was trending on social media. Here are some more problematic Netflix Original movies.

Netflix always has a plethora of content, especially their originals. If you're looking to see what the underrated 2020 originals are, we have you covered.

Does Netflix actually make all of its original content? We take a look at the importance of acquired content in the television world.

Since 'Shadowhunters' was cancelled, it’s important that we return to looking at why it may have been cancelled in the first place.