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Vice President Mike Pence's meeting with Congress was set to finalize the 2020 election before the riot. Does have the power to block the Electoral College?

'Fairview' is a new film by director and comedian Sam Clark. Discover what makes the satirical film so relevant and hilarious.

A few people were befuddled by Pete Buttigieg being appointed as Joe Biden's Secretary of Transportation. The internet brought on the memes.

Many people have desperately been hoping for another stimulus check from the government. Now it seems like a possibility, but the amount has many upset.

Hunter Biden’s break from the spotlight is over. How did he grow his net worth? Did Hunter Biden commit tax fraud?

A U.S. election has never been watched so closely. Here are the questions about voter fraud in Connecticut.

How exactly has our presumptive president-elect Joe Biden accumulated his net worth? Let’s take a look at his career and find out.

Dr. Jill Biden is expected to become the next first lady in January, but she will continue her teaching job. What's it like to be in her class?

Kamala Harris is set to become the frist woman to fill the role of vice president. What kinds of policies might she advocate for?