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COVID has left us doing jobs we never thought we'd do, like become barbers. Some of us had better luck with quarantine haircuts than others

After appearing in the UK, the new strain of COVID-19 has made its way to the states. Discover why you should be concerned about the new strain.

The UK has been having trouble with COVID-19 lately and some are worried that the November lockdown was merely a precursory to something more intense.

Kirk Cameron is back in the news, but for not so good reasons. See why he's in the news protesting California's quarantine rules.

As Christmas is around the corner, many in the UK are still under lockdown due to COVID-19. Here's a guide to lockdown restrictions in the UK.

We've all been stuck working from home for almost a year now. We've gathered some of the most relatable memes from this year.

Recently, the experts laid out new guidelines for how long you should quarantine if you contract COVID-19. Here's an update from CDC.

Is being stuck at home causing George and Amal Clooney to split? Peek inside their home renovations that started at the worst time.

Regal Cinemas parent company Cineworld announced today they're considering temporary location closures. Is it because of 'No Time to Die'?