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A number of celebrities were also involved with NXIVM. Here are the most notorious members of the known sex cult.

Thanks to brave victims, the NXIVM cult has been torn down. These are the most outspoken members who made it their mission to stop Keith Raniere.

The NXIVM cult is no more. Learn about the small newspaper that helped to expose the cult to the rest of the world.

Keith Raniere was sentenced to over a century behind bars. How do former NXIVM cult members feel about his sentence?

NXIVM has fascinated the public like so many cults before it. Here’s a list of the best NXIVM documentaries to watch.

Rick Alan Ross tried to sound the alarm about NXIVM long before they disbanded. However, NXIVM's combined net worth allowed them to fend him off.

NXIVM cult members were hit with many manipulation tactics. From branding to blackmail, here's how NXIVM claimed ownership of its members.

Breaking: NXIVM cult founder Keith Raniere received 120 years for his crimes. Discover the details and learn what his victims had to say.

The NXIVM cult sucked in many affluent women, but how did they eventually escape the toxic environment?