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Ladies & Gentlemen: Netflix gave us the ultimate holiday gift when it released 'Bridgerton'. Here are its hottest sex scenes.

2020 has been a rough year, but the sex scenes we've been seeing on TV are just *too real* in comparison to this year. These sex scenes need

You definitely do *not* want to be caught watching these celebrity sex scenes on the clock. In the privacy of your own home though, you need to watch.

What's going to happen to 'Outlander', a show renowned for its explicit (and often very arousing) sex scenes after COVID-19? Let's find out.

Whether we like it or not, a well-executed sex scene in a film can really stick with you. Check out these (almost) real sex scenes.

While watching a thirsty sex scene, we would hope the actors are enjoying it just as much as we are. Here's what goes on with celebrity scenes.

Netflix has gifted us with all the top steamy series and movies for our year of social isolation. Here are the best sex scenes.

Looking for a romance movie with a bit of zest but nothing explicit? These movies have celebrity sex scenes so wholesome they're family friendly.

Sex scenes are usually shown from the male perspective. We discuss the lack of sapphic sex on TV.