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In this day and age you'd think people would know to keep their hands to themselves. However, Alexander Wang is now being accused of assault.

Conor McGregor has been accused of sexual assault and exhibition. Here's what everyone on Twitter has had to say.

After accusing him of attempted sexual assault three years ago, Anthony Rapp is finally suing Kevin Spacey over the incident. Read about the new lawsuit.

Is James Veitch a sexual predator? Sarah Lawrence alums say so. Discover the breaking allegations against Veitch that were building for years.

Why are so many soliders from Fort Hood going missing or dying this year? Discover a common thread in these soldiers' disappearances.

The University of St. Andrew’s Survivors stories cover the full spectrum of sexual abuse. Here are their stories and what we know.

Jenna Jameson is outspoken about abuses in porn and has started to draw attention to the issue with the #Traffickhub hashtag. What is she saying?

Through the 2000s, Discovery Channel’s 'Mythbusters' was a staple on TV. Here’s what we know about the allegations against Adam Savage.

When Bryan Singer was fired from 'Bohemian Rhapsody', most believed it was due to his sexual assault allegations against him. Here's what we know.