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Newcastle FC is on its way to a crucial match against Liverpool today, as both teams hope to close out 2020 with a triumph. Here's how to stream.

Is Manchester United beginning their comeback phase? Take a look at the football club's recent win and their path towards new success.

People are starting to wonder if soccer star Diego Maradona's death was a suicide; here's what we know.

Premier League leaders Liverpool travel to face Liverpool vs Crystal Palace live stream at Selhurst Park. Watch the live stream here.

The FIFA Football Awards 2020 is here. Find out how to live stream the award show for free on Reddit.

Brazil has strong teams heading into the end of 2020. Here are our predictions for the upcoming Brasileirao championship.

Recently the Champions League said "no" to racism and both teams walked off the field after offensive words were used.

The Italian soccer player Paolo Rossi died earlier this week. Let's look back at the legendary soccer player's career.

Need something to look forward to? Here are all the most interesting sporting events in the world to put on your calendar.