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Ready for a housewarming party? BTS Jungkook has just bought a lavish apartment in Itaewon, South Korea. Take a look at the pop singer's new digs.

'Pumping Time' will be the world's first cryptocurrency drama when it releases in 2021. Learn about the new show here.

South Korea has passed a new military law. Find out how this news affects BTS and each of its members.

Earlier this month, Netflix confirmed it opened a new branch of its company in South Korea. Can we expect more Korean dramas?

EXO member Chen will be starting military duty in South Korea. Discover what the K-pop singer had to say about his departure.

Is China banning BTS? Delve into the latest news about the deleted images of BTS in China and why it happened.

Behind every boy band there's a legion of screaming fans. Here's the story of how ARMY grew alongside BTS.

Jin is the oldest member of BTS. Find out when the K-pop star is due to serve in the Korean military.

BTS is the one of the most successful musical acts in the world. What is the group’s net worth today?