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Is Jeffree Star finally canceled? Check out the evidence of his wrongdoings on YouTube.

It appears controversial Youtuber Shane Dawson has more lives than his cat Cheeto. Could he be making a return to increase his net worth?

Looks like Shane Dawson is still on a mission to increase his net worth. Here's Dawson's recent bid for a higher net worth.

Shane Dawson has been reviled on YouTube and Twitter for a long time now, but has he been canceled for good?

It's come to the internet's attention that Jeffree Star applied for, and received a PPP loan. Everyone is scratching their heads.

Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star are being hit with a tidal wave of accountability – finally. Will Twitter every truly cancel them?

After being silent for almost a month, Jeffree Star is back on YouTube. Here are all the responses to his "apology".

Finally, the sub count on Jeffree Star's YouTube channel is sinking, but Star should've lost his numbers years ago. He's never stopped being problematic.

Tati Westbrook just dropped a forty-minute long video calling out Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. Here's everything you need to know.