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Is Kanye West Jeffree Star’s boyfriend? We want to know and we’re ready to dive into the latest YouTube storytime.

The rumor is controversial beauty guru Jeffree Star could be involved in the Kimye scandal. Could his secret boyfriend actually be Kanye West?

Remember Vine? It was like TikTok, but . . . different? In a 'Vine-honored' tradition, here are some favorite TikTok videos to download.

Canadian musician Lubalin became famous on TikTok overnight with his hilarious & catchy tunes. Learn about the new musical star.

Apparently we didn't leave Karens in 2020. The first Karen of 2021 terrorized UPS customer service and one TikToker shared it online.

We spend everyday on social media, but is TikTok actually safe? Take a look at the latest lawsuit against TikTok and their outdated guidelines.

The app that made it easy to find secret parties in the time of COVID-19, Vybe Together, has been pulled off the app store. Find out why.

BTS exploded all over the news scene in 2020 with triumphs and tenderness. Check out the year's highlights for the Korean boy band.

“Remy! The Ratatouille! The rat of all my dreams!” Here's the cast list for the upcoming 'Ratatouille' musical.