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The Pentagon confirmed some videos of UFOs were real over the summer, now there's a new report coming. Here's what you need to know about it.

2020 was a complete dumpster fire. Can you remember every meme from every calendar month? Refresh your memory here!

Believe it or not the newly passed COVID-19 bill will also be gifting us some more UFO news. Here's when you can expect to the news to come.

Supposedly Earth was denied citizenship in a real galactic federation. Here are the details you'll want to know.

The news keeps reporting that the Utah monolith keeps disappearing and reappearing. Could it really be the work of a UFO?

Safety officers spotted a strange metal monolith in Utah. Could this weird object be proof UFOs are real?

Florida man captured a mysterious shape in the sky the size of the moon. Is this a promising UFO sighting?

From explaining the pyramids to your weird neighbor, these alien memes will make you laugh out loud. Use them in your next group chat.

NASA sent the first crew into Earth’s orbit as part of its Gemini 3 first space mission in 1965. Did they discover UFOs?