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'Locked Down' takes place during the pandemic and features well-loved actors like Anne Hathaway. Here's everything to know about the heist movie.

Here are all the reasons why Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made things worse for the UK, earning it the sobriquet “Plague Island”.

Lockdown in the UK went into effect for the holiday season due to a mutated strain of COVID-19. How does this affect the rest of the world?

Accucities designed a unique 3D model animation for a doc about coastal flooding. Check out the model here.

Multi-billion dollar online retailer Amazon is giving $500 million in holiday bonuses to workers this year. Will it be enough to stop a strike?

Have extraterrestrials made contact with Earth already? The latest UFO sighting comes to us from the UK where alien hunters captured a promising UFO video.

These are the top four highest rated casino movies to have come from the UK. If you haven't seen these yet, you need to ASAP.

Sick of identikit, soulless megaplex cinema chains? We are, too. Luckily for us, there are a host of fantastic independent cinemas across the UK doing incredible work for