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Zenith Ander has been making waves in Hollywood, and her latest web series 'Roommates' proves she's got the talent to make far.

Pablo Bobadilla's first foray into the TV world is through the web series 'Smoking Gun'. But it's not just some boring old sci-fi show.

Xenia Leblanc is trying to help change the female narrative with her new series 'Gritty & Pretty', all about a female boxer and her best friend.

'But She's My Best Friend' is revolutionizing the TV comedy by taking the boring old "roommates" cliches and breathing new life into them.

'Twentyfiveish' won IndieWire’s 2016 project of the year, and with good reason. Here's why 'Twentyfiveish' is a must-watch.

No wonder theater teacher Maria Kurz wants to pull her hair out in web series 'La-Di-Da'. Here's why you'll want to watch 'La-Di-Da'.

'Life as a Mermaid' is the widely popular family fantasy series about two ambitious mermaid sisters who set out to prove merpeople & humans can coexist.

We sat down with Malorie Cunningham to discuss 'Southern Comfort', a six-episode web series about two women who decide to separate from their husbands.