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Los campeones de la lucha libre también le entran al perreo. Baila al ritmo de la nueva colaboración de Bad Bunny con la estrella del ring, Booker T.

Sean Waltman — better known as X-Pac, may finally be making his grand return to the WWE. Read his announcement here.

WWE superstar Pat Patterson has died at the age of 79. A legend in the sport, he leaves an indelible wrestling legacy.

Road Warrior Animal and Hawk have been reunited due to the devastating passing of Joseph Laurinaitus. Here are their iconic moments.

There are two flavors of Friday Night Smackdown memes. We have memes about everyday life and memes about wrestling. Peruse the best of both of them.

The latest celebrity to be hit with sexual harassment allegations, WWE wrestler Matt Riddle has been accused by fellow wrestler Candy Cartwright.

If you’re a hardcore fan in need of more wrestling content to fill your days, then 'Dark Side of the Ring' is an absolute must-watch. Here's why.

The WWE has been pushing their Smackdown Live fights pretty heavily this year. Here are some of the best moments and wins of Smackdown live in 2020.

The biggest wrestling event in the US and possibly the world Wrestlemania 36 may not go ahead as planned. Here's what we know.