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Twitter decided that Kanye West was secretly dating Jeffree Star. West hasn't said a thing, but Star addressed the debacle.

Is Kanye West Jeffree Star’s boyfriend? We want to know and we’re ready to dive into the latest YouTube storytime.

Jake Paul seems to be all in as a boxer, but does the YouTube star have a puncher's chance in this violent sport? Step into the ring and

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Twitter went into an uproar after Keemstar uploaded an interview with two former Lunch Club members accusing CallMeCarson of sexting fans.

There are tons of ways to rip YouTube videos from the internet. Find out which online downloader will work best for you.

The YouTube TV app basically gives your account access to cable . . . just like Hulu's live package. Figure out which one's best for you!

"Ain't no laws when you're drinking Claws!" If you're a fan of this hard seltzer, laugh along at all the best White Claw memes here.